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Practicing what we Preach ... 

Sitting at the dinner table recently I decided to impart some basic table etiquette to my four year old daughter. The conversation went like this :

  • Me : come on pet, elbows off table,it's good table manners
  • Child  : but I can’t work my fork without having my elbows on the table
  • Me : you only have a fork in one hand, so take the other one off the table
  • Child : now I’m all wobbly 
  • Me : well then take the other one off and see if your fork works
  • Child : [Angry Frustrated Face]
  • Me : good girl
  • Child : [inquisitive, the penny drops face] … Dad?
  • Me  :Yes Pet?
  • Child - How, come you have your elbows are on the table?
  • [opportunity to impart life lesson missed … completely]

Then I began to think of all the people that offer advice throughout life and pondered whether they actually follow that same advice - do they practice or just preach? Does your dentist ever skip a nights tooth brushing or does your personal trainer ever have a sneaky burger?

We have dealt with many clients over the years and sat across the desk from them preaching to them about the importance of blogging and how it would help their online profile. We describe how it will 1) display their interest and knowledge in their business area 2) gain them domain authority 3) generate regularly updated content perfect for their SEO ... and it all makes perfect sense - but we never actually got round to blogging ourselves.

So, welcome to our blog and thanks for reading our first entry. We don't intend this to be a stratospherically enlightened,ground breakingly eloquent piece of online literature, but more a collection of thoughts, observations, how to's, explainers and industry updates that will be of interest to our clients and anyone else who stumbles across it. It will be based mostly on our knowledge, experience and what we come across in our daily online wanderings that may be of interest.

And remember, if you are imparting words of wisdom to a four year old just make sure you have your own shop in order.

Written by Andrew Lynch

Posted in Web Design on 10 September 2017

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