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A logo to be proud of ...

Your logo will form the anchor point for your brand image. It will feature on most of, if not everything, you will publish your brand to. It is important that your logo design portrays the correct image of you or your business. It is imperative you have a logo design that your are proud of, and have confidence in, when placing in front of your prospective clients.

Your logo design will often be the first aspect of your brand we will work with you to develop. Once this is in place, it will feed in to the rest of the items that will make up your overall brand design. It will define tone, style, colour and will influence how we approach the design of the rest of your brand material. Your logo design will be made available to you in a range of formats to suit online media (website / social platforms / blog etc) and in a resolution that will be suitable for small to large format printing.

Whether you are developing a logo design for a new business, touching up an existing logo or completely re-branding, we can work through the process with you to make sure you end up with a logo design that you are proud to stand behind.

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