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Website Types

Brochure Website

This is the simplest form of website design. This type of website design would be built to provide you with a basic online presence. The website design would provide information on you and your business : who you are, what you do and how people will get in contact with you. 

Content Managed Website

A content managed website design will generally be bigger than a brochure style website design and you will have access to update the content on the website yourself. In this case, once the website has been designed and built, you will not have to rely on us to update any content on the website for you. This type of website design is useful for a business that may have an extensive service offering such as legal services, accounting services etc and is interested in posting regularly to the website.

Database Driven Website  

A database driven website will usually have a section that will have frequently changing information or will perform a more advanced function for the business. Database driven websites would include dynamic sections such as news feeds, possibly course listings or product sections. Database driven websites may also contain static sections as described in the Brochure Style Website but will also have full content management capabilities also described above.

E-commerce Website  

E-commerce website design usually involves the integration of an online payment system. The most common form of eCommerce websites are in the form of online shops (selling products) but may also take the form of online booking sites that require online payment. 

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